Friday, March 10, 2017


I forged my ID and place there the name of Julian Assange and using it I traveled from Prague to Sweden. It was the act of the civil disobedience and I expected to be arrested by the Swedish authorities since Julian Assange is under arrest there.

The European hypocrisy about the selective application of basic human rights principles is absolutely unbelievable. While teaching other nations about "human rights" (namely China) the Europeans have been keeping Julian Assange, a leading proponent of our human rights, in a jail like situation at the embassy of Ecuador for past three years. It is only because he has been fighting for our human right to know what the fucking 1% of capitalist dictators of our "Western Civilization" are trying to hide from us to keep their power over our lives, and our labor.
Swedish government (a big ass kisser of the US nowadays) is complicit with his jailing, and knowingly is not trying to help him to be released.
Julian Assange (WikiLeaks founder, is wanted in Sweden for questioning over one count of, definitely politically motivated, and absolutely obviously manufactured,"lesser-degree rape" alleged to have been committed against a Swedish women (the crime he hasn’t even been charged in Sweden- here are more details:
Assange has been concerned that If traveling to Sweden for the questioning he would be immediately extradited to The USA where there is "an active, ongoing criminal investigation" into WikiLeaks and Assange under the so called Espionage Act of 1917
In my performance (on the festival of performance in Stockholm I tried to transplant Julian's identity to me as the act of solidarity with him. I created a fake European ID cart with my picture but Julian's name date of birth, and place of birth. While boarding a plane to Stockholm I used this artefact ID and transplanted name and I entered Sweden under the identity of Julian Assange. Than I went to the different centers of power to give up myself to the Swedish authorities and to accept the consequences of Julian's supposed crimes.

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