Friday, July 17, 2015

2009, August,10th Open Performance Art Festival, Beijing, Curator

As a curator and participant of The 10th Open Performance Art Festival I did the following performance at Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China (photo Wenrui)

In 1989 Chinese government violently suppressed pro democracy demonstration on Tiananmen Square killing almost 2000 people (some estimates are claiming up to 6000 people). Until today the government has been avoiding any public discussion about this "dirty spot" in recent Chinese history. Feeling the necessity of finally "cleaning blood" from the Tiananmen Square I brought a bucket with water and a mob (I had to pass through the metal detector but was allowed to walk on the square) and started to wash it. After about 7 minutes the Chinese police stopped my "consciousness cleaning effort".

10th Open Festival Catalogue

Since I did not succeeded to wash all blood I went on The Great Chines Wall and was trying to block the public conformism.

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