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September 2011, Malamut Performance Art Festival, Czech Republic

September 2011, Malamut Performance Art Festival, Czech Republic

Thanks to capitalistic intrigues money has acquired purely illusory value, which can be cloned and multiplied without the presence of any labor or real value (Exhibt A: the band of the thieves from Wall Street Stock Exchange as the most advanced criminals on earth). This “money business” is just a fraud established to trap normal folks. With their deceipt in mind, I decided to use some real value for entering their fraudulent bank business.

The festival ( place in the city Ostrava, which was until recently a coal-mining city. After the “liberation by the Velvet revolution” the coal mining industry collapsed. Now it is the city with the biggest unemployment in the country. But at the same time it is a residency of the most wealthy man in Czech Republic, Bakala, who built his filthy wealth by “dealing” on the financial market with the apartments for the miners.

I chose coal as the real value money exchange for with which to deal in the financial market.  Today Coal is identified and used as a very popular hedge fund resource for our Wall Street thieves mentioned above.

I made a trip to a local bank house with the plan to open a business account using, as the first deposit, two buckets of coal.

To describe the experience from a performance I used two parts of a “real life” poem written in Czech language. The first part (a kind of premonition) was written before the performance and red on the steps of a banking house. The second one was written after the performance and was based on the real experience from the performance.

Here are short translation versions of the poems and two photos, which only survived after the police were called and all documentation material was confiscated (It reminded me of “the totalitarian system” under communism- the names of the systems changed, but the "Big Brother" control is the same)

Part I (before the performance)

I prepare two buckets of coal

Carrying the black gold I climb the marble stairs of the bank

I approach the bank officer and ask to open the account

Using the black gold, reminiscent of beauty as the deposit

The black hope

The black breath

The black trust

The black truth

The black eternity

The officer will call security and I will be asked to leave their white bank with my black bucket

I will grab the officer’s tie, and pulling his face toward me I will scream into his sleazy face

If you do not open my account I will push that black coal into your throat and it will catch on fire in your viscera

I am being kicked out on the street and the bucket with coal is flying after me.

Let us get millions of buckets!!

Part II (after the performance is experienced)

I grab two buckets of coal and climb the stairs

Walking with my coal I approach a very nice young female clerk

“What can I do for you?” she asks...

“I would like to open a business account in your bank and use it on the hedge fund market”

She is filling the application forms.

“How much will be your first deposit?”

“It will be a very valuable one”

And coal in my buckets is starting to smolder, dreaming about burning in the flames of a revolution while the human flesh is rendering down exposing the white bones.

“I mean how much money will you put on your account?”

“These two buckets of coal” and I am putting one bucket on the table

The clerk gets pale and runs for the bank director.

“Take your coal of the table,” she screams at me red-faced.

“You can not use coal as the deposit!”

“Why, why, it is a very valuable hedge fund?”

I am spouting the black soot into her sleazy face.

Both ladies are staring at me.

But they do not have ties so I can not grab them and yell into their faces.

Instead I leave.

The security guard stops me at the door.

“You will wait here for now! they yell at me.

And the police officers are coming.

“Where is the coal man?! -they ask

“We demand all documentation will be erased,” screams the red-faced bank director.

“Is there a bomb in your buckets”? one of the policeman asks me.

“Maybe. In eternity there is always a bomb hiding.

The police are leading me out of a bank.

My buckets of black coal are swinging in my hands.

Let us get millions of buckets!!!