Friday, July 17, 2015

May, 2007, Gas Canisters at the Altars of Church, Synagogue and Mosque


I was encouraging people to sign a petition for the erection of a monument reading "Thank you Iraq, we will never forget your support for our perfect western civilization." The performance took place in front of a recently built monument commemorating the liberation of Plzen by the American army in 1945. On it is written "Thank you America, we will never forget" (in Communist times, what was written on the statues was: "Thank you Soviet Union, we will never forget." The ass-kissing rhetoric stays, the empires have changed). There is also a relationship to the double standard of the so-called "liberation" of Iraq leading to the incredible massacres of Iraqis. I used three gold-painted gas canisters situated in the form of a cross and relating to Christianity, Judaism and the Spirit of Gas. After the part of the performance that took place in the street, I placed one canister on the altar in the local synagogue and the second one on the altar of the local catholic cathedral and left them there. The third one I plan to deliver to the only mosque in the Czech Republic in the city of Brno. Surprisingly, nobody called the anti-bomb squad to clear these canisters from their locations. I then personally delivered the petition to the mayor of the City of Plzen.

Altar with the golden painted gas canister in the catholic cathedral in Plzen

and another canister in the local synagogue

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