Friday, July 17, 2015

June, 2007, Meat Throwing Christian Hypocrisy, Catholic Cathedral, Czech Republic



Since Forfest festival was mostly a music festival I developed a "music composition" ... I was working with the following ideas: 1/ -the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church in supporting the war in Iraq and its own teaching of peace (especially in the cradle of contemporary Catholicism Poland which, after Great Britain, sent the largest number of soldiers to Iraq as a part of "The Coalition of the Willing"). 2/- from my collection of reports from the Iraq war, I was most moved by the recollections of eye witnesses about the chunks of human flesh falling from heaven after bomb explosions. They especially remembered the horrible and indescribable sound of the those pieces of meat hitting the ground. So I wanted to reproduce this sound in the local Catholic cathedral in Kromeriz - Christianity is obsessed with human flesh: the image of Christ on the cross, nails in the palms, open rib cage etc. But within the building of the church, everything is sanitized by its representation as art objects made from wood and stone. So I bought a large piece of raw meat, and for about half an hour I was throwing it up into the air in the middle of the cathedral and letting it fall on the stone floor. After the sound of each impact of flesh, and the subsequent echo, a colleague Lewis threw the coin which filled the church nave with a tinkling sound. From time to time occasional visitors were screaming at me about defiling the church, but than they always left. At the end a nun came and after the initial shock she started scream at me: "Evil! Leave the home of Jesus Christ!" So I left and returned with a bucket and a mop and cleaned the church floor. Meanwhile the nun was still screaming at me and I was replying: "Do not worry, your church will be even cleaner than before". The local bishop is considering to consecrate the church after my performance
Forfest Festival