Friday, July 17, 2015


AUGUST, 2003, GDANSK- SHIPYARD AND LAUNCHING PLACE OF THE SOLIDARNOCZ (Solidarity) MOVEMENT, POLAND, Castle of the Imagination Performance Art Festival. "THE WORD OF GOD"


I worked with the moral schism of the Polish Catholic Church. Being the most powerful force behind the government, it is mixing its pacifistic teachings with political support for the war in Iraq and pro-war politicians. The Solidarnosc movement, which toppled the communist government, was also strongly associated with the Catholic Church. The former communist government was famous in Iraq under Saddam Hussein for building poultry factories there. So I was reading from the Polish version of the Bible, trying to convert a henhouse full of hens to Christianity while they were trapped in a cage. From time to time I poured gas from a canister onto the Bible. In the audio you could hear a mixture of the original soundtrack from Solidarnosc revolution, Islamic praying and American commercial songs.